Which Medical Murderer Is More Dangerous

In the 1990s, horror was introduced to both Dr. Giggles and The Dentist, but which…

In the 1990s, horror was introduced to both Dr. Giggles and The Dentist, but which of these medical murderers would be more dangerous to meet?

In the 1990s, horror was introduced to both Dr. Giggles and The Dentist, but which of these medical murderers would be more dangerous to meet? 1992 saw the arrival of Dr. Giggles, co-written and directed by prolific TV producer Manny Coto, and starring Larry Drake as Dr. Evan Rendell Jr. 1996 played host to the debut of The Dentist, co-written by Re-Animator‘s Stuart Gordon, and directed by Bride of Re-Animator‘s Brian Yuzna. Hollywood veteran Corbin Bernsen starred as Dr. Alan Feinstone, DDS.

Many people dread attending a doctor or dentist appointment, especially since the potential for getting bad news, or having to undergo a painful procedure, is always there. At least though, we logically know that most medical professionals have the patient’s best interest at heart. Dr. Rendell and Dr. Feinstone are the living embodiment of the worst fears held by anyone afraid of visiting a doctor or dentist. Not only do these docs not care if their patients get better, they would also be happy to assist them in leaving the world entirely.

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One advantage The Dentist has over Dr. Giggles is that he got a sequel, 1998’s hilariously titled The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself. But aside from staying power, the bigger question is, whose patients are more likely to make it out of their office alive?

Dr. Giggles vs. Dentist: Which Medical Murderer Is More Dangerous

Dr. Giggles Poster Crop

The origin stories of these two medical monsters are quite different. Dr. Giggles seemingly inherited his insanity from his father, who in 1957, was killed by an angry mob after it was discovered he had been killing patients in an attempt to somehow resurrect his dead wife. Evan Jr. ended up in an insane asylum, but escapes 35 years later, intent on following in his dad’s bloody footsteps. Meanwhile, The Dentist‘s Dr. Feinstone was seemingly a normal person before he was driven to murder. On his wedding anniversary, Alan discovered his wife Brooke cheating on him in their home, and from then on lost more and more of his sanity until it was completely gone.

In that way, Feinstone is a tad, as in a very, very small amount more sympathetic of a killer than Rendell. Of course, that little bit of sympathy goes out the window once he sexually assaults a patient under anesthesia. Getting down to the heart of the matter though, as Dr. Giggles loves to literally do, Rendell is probably more dangerous, if only by a little. Both men are likely to kill whoever they encounter, but Feinstone shows little flashes of sanity, and in The Dentist sequel almost seems to move past his killing spree before his deeds come back to haunt him. It’s possible, albeit only slightly, that Feinstone might choose to spare someone he feels has proper oral hygiene, or who treats him nicely and doesn’t get involved in his personal business. Dr. Giggles is highly unlikely to spare anyone, unless they happen to have the rare heart condition that killed his mother, and even then its hardly a guarantee.

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