Shaun Weiss’ dentist, Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, opens up about treatment

The dentist behind Shaun Weiss’ brand-new smile is opening up about the “Mighty Ducks” actor’s…

The dentist behind Shaun Weiss’ brand-new smile is opening up about the “Mighty Ducks” actor’s total transformation.

LA-based Dr. Gabe Rosenthal offered his dental services free of charge when he heard of 42-year-old Weiss’ struggles through a friend, former “Salute Your Shorts” star Michael Ray Bower (“Donkeylips”), and after having read the news about Weiss’ arrest.

“He’s just a great guy,” Dr. Gabe told Page Six of Weiss over the phone Thursday. “We mesh really well.”

Dr. Gabe began his treatments with Weiss, who played Goldberg in the Disney movies, earlier this summer, but his journey isn’t over, in terms of both his dental work and his physical health.

“He’s such a good guy, such a sweetheart. He’s putting his weight back on. He is so much more confident,” Dr. Gabe shared of Weiss’ recovery from drug addiction. “He’s ready to go. He feels better. Every time I see him he gains a few more pounds.

“His face is filling out,” he added. “He’s smiling like crazy now.”

In July, Weiss went to Dr. Gabe to mend broken root tips, clear infections and remove broken teeth. He then proceeded to get implants followed by teeth, which are made by the same porcelain as celebrity-loved veneers. He’s undergone four oral surgeries but still has to have a fifth in order to complete the transformation.

Of course, all of this is dependent on his remaining drug-free.

“[Weiss] has to stay sober. That’s number one,” Dr. Gabe said. “Hopefully, he can keep fighting the good fight.”

"Mighty Ducks" star Shaun Weiss before (L) and after getting sober
Shaun Weiss before and after getting soberGoFundMe

Dr. Gabe is hoping to finish his work with Weiss in early 2021. The entire process start-to-finish would’ve cost about $80,000.

“His smile definitely gave him a pep in his step. He was definitely doing well on his own, but he was sort of downtrodden without that smile,” Dr. Gabe shared. “Now he’s starting to do appearances again.”

Weiss has been residing at a sober-living facility to get clean and has been drug-free for more than 230 days. He hit rock bottom in January 2020 when he was arrested for breaking into a man’s home while high on meth.

In 2018, he was arrested for public intoxication.

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