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Food Security Report Read the 2019 Assessment of Food Security in San Francisco…

Food Security Report

Read the 2019 Assessment of Food Security in San Francisco issued by the San Francisco Food Security Task Force. Learn about the vulnerable members of our community, the health impacts of food insecurity, and what is needed to ensure that all San Franciscans are food secure.

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Join the Food Security Task Force. We believe that a healthy food system in San Francisco is possible for everyone, and we ask you to join us to make this a reality.


Black/African American Health Report

The Black/African American Health Initiative (B/AAHI) has issued its Report on the Health of Black/African Americans in San Francisco. Although San Franciscans are healthier than Americans in many other parts of the country, Black/African American (B/AA) San Franciscans, have persistently had poorer health than their fellow residents.

Based on the most recent data, Black and African American infants are five times more likely than White infants to die before their first birthday. This health disparity continues through adulthood. Life expectancy for Black/African Americans is the lowest of all race/ethnicities in San Francisco. A B/AA resident could expect to live 72 years nearly 10 years less than White, Asian, and Latino residents who can expect to live into their 80s.

To obtain a copy of the report or to get additional information about BAAHI and its activities, please email: [email protected]

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