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This is by far the best dentist I’ve been too. You can tell they are…

This is by far the best dentist I’ve been too. You can tell they are doing all they can to make your experience as quick, painless and efficient as possible. Quickest cleaning I’ve experienced, but extremely clean.Also, I recently went for 3 fillings. I have some anxiety about fillings that in the past as I’ve had some really bad experiences. Some painful, some downright poorly done resulting in needing more work.My session @ Kezian for these amalgam filling replacements was SO easy. They were accommodating, caring and did their best to make me comfortable. The staff took notice of my anxiety, acknowledged it and put me at ease. They did not act like I was insulting them by being anxious, as some Dr’s might. It was finished a full 30m before I’d expected and now a week later my teeth are perfect. Dr Kezian, a Los Angeles Dentist, fixed a problem area for me as well during the procedure and food no longer gets stuck.No one enjoys a dentist visit, but I no longer dread it. Thanks to everyone at Kezian Dentistry, really appreciate your work.When I got there the staff was sooooo friendly and pleasant. I felt at ease an actually happy to be there despite my wrecked tooth. I explained to Dr. Kezian what happened and that I had a speaking engagement the next day. He discussed options and really went above and beyond my expectations. He has a great personality and is equally as welcoming as the staff upon arrival. I was out of there in less than an hour. I’m so grateful.

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