EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service

  For students, EJS can help you quickly find the articles you need…


For students, EJS can help you quickly find the articles you need to
get your research papers and other assignments done in record time. EJS puts
your library’s e-journals acquired through EBSCO in a single place on the Web, so you
don’t have to jump to different Web sites to find the articles you need. With EJS, you

  • Find a specific journal quickly by using the Find Journals feature.
  • Browse through a list of all journals available with the Browse feature.
  • Browse a list of subject categories, and then view a list of all journals that fall in a category
    of interest. This allows you to easily find journals that cover specific topics.
  • Find specific articles quickly using the Find Articles feature. Search by article title or
    by the author’s name.
  • Find articles that cover a specific topic by searching for keywords in the titles, abstracts,
    and even full text of millions of articles.
  • Read article abstracts and link directly to full text of the articles you find.

NOTE: Availability of specific features depends on the specific configuration of your
institution’s EJS account. Please consult your institution’s librarian for
feature availability questions. Librarians may contact their EBSCO regional office for more


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