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Darlene Z – 1 month ago I went in for a root canal yesterday and…

Darlene Z – 1 month ago

I went in for a root canal yesterday and I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort at all. I am a huge crybaby when it comes to pain so I pushed off having one done since the longest. I was referred here by my dentist so I decided to give this place a try. I went in for an original consultation since my dentist thought I needed two root canals done. Thankfully, the staff and Dr. Molina decided that it was only one. On my day of the procedure they made sure that I felt good and that I didn’t feel any pain before going further and I really liked that as I’ve had very painful experiences at dentists.
Overall, the root canal took around 50 minutes and I felt no pain at all. I went home with some ibuprofen 600MG but I have not felt the need for it anyways. It is really weird to think that I do not have any pain given the information and videos I’ve watched but I am really happy that I chose to have my root canal done here!

Tina E – 4 months ago

I was new to this office. Tooth pain scale 6/10 and was referred to Dr Molina. Her office was able to accommodate me same day. 
She and her staff efficiently performed a root canal while I watched cooking shows. Dr Molina is personable, professional and an expert in Endodontics. I have worked in medical insurance administration for many years, and my opinion is their office is highly efficient front and back. 
Her office is immaculate and elegantly designed. 
I knew I made the right choice. The whole root canal took about 30 min and she and assistant carefully monitored her work with real time X-rays.  Based on my experience I feel she is very good at her work and 100% recommend Molina Endodontics. She just knows what she is doing.

Olivia Hernandez – 7 months ago

Beautiful office! Up to date: A/C, TV screens in every room, new equipment. Dr. Molina and her staff are friendly and very professional. Dr. Molina performed two root canals, took xrays before completing to make sure she got everything, had me return for two check ups, and I am on the clear! Honestly, I have never had such a great experience and glad to have a Dr. that is passionate about her work and her patients well being!!! Thank you Dr. Molina and staff!

Ruth C – 8 months ago

Dr. Molina and staff were so professional and calming that they made a root canal an easy experience. If you’re the nervous type, like me, this is the place to go. Plus, my badly cracked tooth is completely fixed and good as new!

Alhan B – 9 months ago

I was recommended by a good friend to come here for my root canals and I am so happy that I did. She insisted that I just come, so I did. It was a bit of a drive for me being in the valley, but I wanted to come to a place I knew would be problem-free instead of researching and trying to choose between the offices closer to me. 
I was in and out within an hour and a half for 2 root canals. I didn’t feel anything. Comfortably watched Food Network TV while they worked on my teeth 🙂 happy camper!

Marilyn Z – 10 months ago

Just came out of my third procedure here and I couldn’t be happier. I came in so nervous and Dr. Molina made me feel comfortable as well as her assistant. The girls in the front desk are very professional and welcoming from the moment you step in. Hopefully I don’t have to get more root canals done but if I do I would definitely keep coming back to Dr. Molina because she always does such great work, thank you !!!

Rat G – 1 year ago

Today my son went in for a broken tooth. Service was excellent and they were able to see him right away and proceed with an emergency procedure. Staff was very friendly and informative. Thanks so much for the prompt service! My wife Laura was blown away with the visit.

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