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I have gotten my hairlike gap filling done from Dr. Krinita Motwani and I am…

I have gotten my hairlike gap filling done from Dr. Krinita Motwani and
I am throughly very satisfied by her work.
The little the work the more fineness needed.
I loved the finishing of her work and would look forward to get any further teeth related treatment done from her 🙂

Forum Vastani, Actress, Mumbai

All my apprehensions of Dental treatment were taken care of by a painless tooth extraction. Very happy with the services received at Dr. Krinita Motwani’s Dental Clinic. Would definitely recommend.

Mahek Bhatia, Pastry chef, Mumbai

I approached this with great trepidation and a little fear, all that changed instantly. From the start you gave me confidence. The attention to detail, care and effectiveness of my treatment has been amazing.

Jaanvi Peswani, Designer at Myst ( Shoe Store ), Mumbai

Initially I was a little wary of coming to India and getting cosmetic treatment for my deficient smile. But when I saw the ambience and hygiene combined with great quality of dentistry with a highly professional approach, I was convinced. And surely the overall outcome didn’t let me down at all…

Kinjal Bhutala, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary nurse – Florida

Very pleasant experience and happy with the dental treatment.

Arjun Bajwa, Actor / Model, Mumbai

I was so troubled by one ugly yellow tooth right in front of my mouth. I consulted a lot of dentists and tried many different treatments but nothing helped. Finally I heard of Dr. Krinita from my friend and visited her…

Archana Gore, Housewife – Mumbai

I have been to several dentists in the past & this time I had some extensive treatment done with Dr. Krinita. I liked the fact that I was informed on the course of treatment at every stage. She was very gentle & caring. A good explanation of my treatment & what I should expect ensured that there were no surprises…

Sarika Mohandas, Student – USA

Professional, Prompt, Quality dental treatment .. experience keeps getting better with every visit, the best clinic I have encountered.

Karna Patel, Restaurant manager, Las vegas

I would definitely recommend Dr. Krintia Motwani. She has a fantastic hand.

Dhir Munim, Real estate agent, Mumbai.

I had a great experience with Krinita and now I have a perfect set of teeth with a beautiful smile 🙂 All thanks to her!

Shikha Shivlani, Actress, Mumbai

I had multiple gaps in between my teeth which made me concious whenever I smiled. Dr. Krinita fixed the gaps and gave me a very natural and beautiful smile.

Meena Satle, Actress, Mumbai

Teeth whitening procedure was very comfortable, pain free and quick. I had no problems or sensitivity afterwards. Would recommend Dr. Krinita to everyone I know.

Manmeet Singh, Businessman, Mumbai

Dr. Motwani has been my dentist of choice for over a decade now. Although I have lived in different parts of the world during the period, I have relied on Krinita to address my dental needs…

Sami Fakhi, Banker, Jeddah

Dr. Krinita Motwani is excellent at her job, she has given my teeth the perfect and original look. Her treatment, attitude towards work is extremely genuine and her judgement to the point. Thank you Doctor wishing you all the best.

Aditi Thawani, Professor, Mumbai

Very happy with the ambience and professional treatment. Would recommend to all.

Arti Shivlani, Fitness trainer, Mumbai

I have known Dr. Krinita for three years and I am very happy with her treatment for me and my son. Some of my makeover clients have also had dental procedures and smile makeovers done with her and very satisfied with her work. She has a wonderful way of explaining the details and making a patient feel very comfortable…

Rashida Kapadia, Image consultant, Mumbai

Hygenic & painless. Treatment taken to another level! Thank you Doc!

Hansraj Mehra, Cabin Manager, Jet airways, Mumbai

There is a famous saying, “a smile says a thousand words”. I have always been conscious about my smile as I had really short teeth, which were almost negligible upon smiling. Dr. Motwani suggested me a Smile Makeover. My family and I agreed on the procedure because of her professionalism, cleanliness, and state of the art equipment…

Kshitij Shah, Stock Broker, Mumbai

There is a famous saying, “a smile says a thousand words”. I have always been conscious about my smile as I had really short teeth, which were almost negligible upon smiling. Dr. Motwani suggested me a Smile Makeover. My family and I agreed on the procedure because of her professionalism, cleanliness, and state of the art equipment…

Kshitij Shah, Stock Broker, Mumbai

I have always had a fear of dentists since I was 10 years old because of which I avoided going to one for a long time. Then a massive tooth ache forced me to visit a dentist. What a surprise ! Dr. Krinita and her team were outstanding, very pleasant and informative…

Leah, Economics professor – USA

Had severe pain in a wisdom tooth & surrounding teeth but due to the much greater fear factor of dental treatment had avoided any visits to a dentist. I could not have been more wrong. Thankfully not only all my problems have been sorted out in a couple of visits but there was no so called pain or trauma…

Pallavi, Social worker with Akanksha, Mumbai

No stone left unturned Dr. Krinita is a magician no discomfort through the whole treatment overall experience rating- 5 *

Shivani Dharia, Pharmaceutical head, Boston

I know Dr Krinita since last 13 years and have under gone treatment whenever required. I find her very good at her work, dedicated and polite to her staff and patients. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to dazzle the world with their smile !!

Dr Shanta, Opthalmic Surgeon, Mumbai

Dear Dr. Krinita, Thank you for your kindness, wisdom and excellent treatment for my broken teeth. I am grateful to you that my experience was so positive. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the prize of the medical profession…

Vijay Motwani, Businessman, Mumbai

I was impressed with the thorough professional but friendly approach and the level of perfection practiced in the clinic. Dr. Krinita has the most gentle hands and a very good aesthetic sense. I am super happy with the way my 32’s have turned out.

Jishma Chandariah, Travel consultant – London

“You are never fully dressed without a smile.” And all thanks to the lady behind my smile. Thank you Krinita Motwani for adding the sparkle to my smile. Its always a pleasure to visit ur clinic. You are such a warm person and so is ur staff…

Mahek / Nazim, Mahek ( Jewellery Designer) / Nazim (Photographer), Mumbai

Best part is the appointments. There is simply no waiting. Also you do not realize having come for dental treatment till it starts. But when it is over the feeling is that of having visited a Dental Spa. Above all there is so much of care with excellence.

Kirti Lakdawala, CEO Ecokrin Hygiene Corp – Mumbai

Only the required and best treatment was suggested after proper investigation. Also for the implant and crown there was no hurry or so called instant treatment but time tested gradual procedure for lasting effect

Asha Thawani, Housewife – Mumbai

Dental treatment like Implant’s sounded difficult & complicated but, Dr. Krinita explained everything with details and gave me a perfect natural tooth, without causing any pain and discomfort. Now I have no missing teeth.

Jyoti Shah, Housewife, Mumbai

My experience was very satisfactory and painless.Your team made it a pleasure to be a patient here. Thank you Dr. Motwani

Jita Dharia, Housewife, Mumbai

I was pleased with friendly staff, excellent ambience and very professional treatment by Dr. Krinita and her team.

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Deepika Gupta, Housewife, Mumbai

Thank you for making my teeth looks more beautiful & shining. Loads of love

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Abhilash Kumar, Film Actor, Mumbai

Good ambience. Amazing clinic. Best Dentist

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Abhishek Nigam, Television Actor/ Dancer, Mumbai

Wonderful experience. Going back home with a bigger better smile. Thank you Doc

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Ashish Kapoor, Actor, Mumbai

Doc! I’m gonna be smiling with all my teeth from now! Thank You!

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Eisha Chopra, Tv Actor, Mumbai

You are an inspiration to many, so to me as well… keep up the great job.
I could see the fire in you, which is infectious. Big Hug.

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Garima Jain, Actress, Mumbai

Not so embarassed to show my teeth anymore YAYYY!! Thank You Dr. Krinita

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Karan Jotwani, Model, Mumbai

1st time for checkup? Use those dental benefits before they expire!!
Thank You so much really happy with the results.

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Kinshuk Vaidya, Film Actor, Mumbai

Happy for the treatment. I’m loving my new smile. God Bless You!

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Nalini Negi, Television Actress, Mumbai

Thanks for such a wonderful appointment. My teeth feels so good & refresh.
God bless. Hope to see you next year.

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Nikhil Sharma, Vlogger , Youtuber, Actor, Mumbai

Thanks Dr Krinita, to all the wonderful smiles.

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Vishal Karwal, Television Actor, Mumbai

Felt no pain

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Sidharth Nigam, Actor, Mumbai

I love how friendly doc is! Also made this first experience for me wonderful!

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Shanice Shreshta, Lifestlye Blogger and Vlogger, Mumbai

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