You are welcome to come along to any class on the Schedule (no need to book). Please come with an open mind, open ears, an empty stomach and be well hydrated.

Be prepared to stretch, bend and sweat (a lot). Wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in.

We recommend not eating for 2-3 hours before your first class.

Drink plenty of water before class, ideally the day before as well. The better hydrated you are, the more comfortable you will feel in the heat. Bring a small bottle of water with you for class (please no plastic bottles). Drinking vessels and water are available at the school.

You can bring your own mat and towels or you can hire ours if you prefer. Mat and towel are free for your first class.

The mirrored wall is at the front of the room. As a beginner, set up your mat and towel in the back of the room so you can follow the students in front of you (for alignments not necessarily depth). Stagger your mat rather than place it directly behind, or in front of someone else, so everyone has a view of the mirrors.

Take it easy in class at first. Just do the best that you can. Observe and learn the basics while you adjust to the heat, and while you begin to understand how you will respond to the practice. You should sit down as often as you require.

Bikram Yoga is a dialogue driven class. The teacher does not practice the asanas during the class, but guides and instructs throughout. Do your best to listen to the words (it seems like a lot at first, don’t worry your teacher will keep an eye on you), and let them guide your body